Dry and Dark Places

Sunbaked Mud in Desert
Sunbaked Mud in Desert ca. 1990s Death Valley, California, USA

I will make the darkness light before you. What is wrong, I’ll make it right before you. All the battles I will fight them for you. And the high place I’ll bring down.”

Sometimes you are lead into dry, dark places. God takes your hand and leads you into a place where there’s no rain to make things grow, no sunshine to brighten your path, and no nourishment to satisfy your hunger. You are just out there feeling abandoned and alone.

When God gives you a vision, a dream, and a purpose your faith in accomplishing those things will often be tested. Do you really want this dream? Do you really trust God and what he showed you about your dreams? There are many steps you take on this journey with God. Some of those steps are in dry, dark places. It’s a place where you are most attacked spiritually. A place where you are most tempted to give up. A place where there is no support from friends and family. A place of closed doors and failures. A place where you don’t see what’s ahead and you’re flailing through the darkness wondering where you are and how you got there.

But, in those dry, dark places there’s God. You are exactly where you’re supposed to be, with him and him alone. There’s nothing to lean on, nothing to hold onto to, nothing to fight with, and nothing to go back to. He strips you of anything that would cause you to turn away from him. He temporarily leaves you in the dry and dark places so that you can grow. It’s just you and him. 

I know right now that you’re in a dry, dark place. You don’t know why you’re there and it seems like your dreams our a million miles away. But God will make your darkness into light. He’ll right the wrongs and he will fight your battles. Trust in the places HE puts you and realize that this is not your end. It just a place where God stops you and allows you evaluate your heart and your faith in the dreams he has given you. Don’t turn back, don’t try to go around, and don’t give up. Trust God and go through.


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