Piano Song

“Sometimes clinging to a cloud ain’t as easy as it seems, but we try and we try…”-Eryn Allen Kane, The Piano Song.

What is it that keeps you together? When you’re in that in-between space where you’ve already started on the path toward your dream and you see your end goal but you’re stuck in a place of setback and disappointment, what stops you from giving up?

There’s always been a negative connotation about keeping your head in the clouds. It’s assumed that you’re spaced out and that you’re a dreamer who needs to come back to reality. For me, as an entrepreneur and a dreamer, you must always keep your head in the clouds. It’s a way to survive when you’re in a place of doubt, setback, disappointments, and waiting.

The first couple of years, while I was grinding trying to get the ball rolling on my business, people around me were seemingly living life. People were going on vacations, they had steady paychecks, friends, and a social life. Others were successful in their businesses, getting clients, and living my dream.

Meanwhile, my vacation was a day I didn’t have to worry about how to grow my business and going out spending time in nature to hear from God. While there I would imagine my future. I would imagine my future friends and I, all entrepreneurs, constantly meeting up or working together in places people only dream about.  I would imagine myself with my dream car and my house. I imagined myself in my office, sitting in my CEO chair(whatever that is) and  meeting with my team about the next big project. I imagined doing something that I love every single day.

Those were my clouds that I clung to to survive. So when you’re in that waiting place, that doubtful place, that setback place, or disappointing place think about your clouds. Think about them until they come true and then continue to think of more clouds when you want to dream even higher. Forget what the world says, always, always, keep your head in the clouds.



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