Encounters With God: Velocity


I’m starting a series of blog entries that will be entitled Encounters With God. The Holy spirit has been speaking to me about it for a month but I didn’t know exactly how or where to share them. They don’t really have a place in my current projects either so I decided it would be best to share them with you.

I wrote these encounters as a reminder of how God has always been there in my life, watching over me. Even when I feel like I am at my lowest I go back to these stories and feel encouraged knowing that he is always there with me. I’m sharing these events with others as well who may have had similar encounters with God and needed the same reminder. So, let’s start with my first entry entitled, Velocity.

The very first encounter I had with God was when I fell off the jungle gym in the first grade. My classmates and I were playing a mean game of Tag during recess. The tagger was seriously trying to catch me since I eluded him and every other tagger all throughout recess. Hot on my heels, I tried to shake him at the top of the jungle gym but was trapped between him and the fireman sliding pole. As he tried to tag me I stepped back and fell between the gap of the fireman pole and the jungle gym platform, a one story drop I believe. It was the 80’s where playground architects apparently thought kids could fly. I also don’t know measurements so I could be wrong about the actual height of the drop from the jungle gym.

Now, I’ve flipped over my bike trying to jump curbs and nearly broke my neck. I’ve fallen off of skateboards going down hill. I’ve jumped off of swings at it’s highest peak ¬†and went flying across the playground. My cousin and I once picked up an unhinged abandoned seesaw off the ground and foolishly placed it on top of the monkey bars to play on it. But then we lost our balance and fell off the bars with the seesaw almost crushing my cousin. I was a very adventurous and impulsive child and my cousin just followed along with my craziness.

However when I fell off the jungle gym at school something different happened. As I was falling it felt as if the velocity of my falling had suddenly changed seconds before I hit the ground. It was like I was suspended in mid-air for a split of a second(I also don’t know how to measure time). When I finally hit the ground I felt nothing. There was no pain and no broken limbs. It was as if I landed on a pillow instead of the gravel I actually landed on.

Since I was expecting serious injuries after my fall I was confused and tried to force myself to cry. I mean it was the normal reaction that I was supposed to have after landing on my back onto the hard gravel. But there was no pain and no tears. I just got up, brushed the gravel off my clothes, and continued to play Tag.

In the back of my mind I knew something odd had happened, perhaps supernaturally so. But I was too young to comprehend guardian angels or other supernatural events. I just knew that something happened. When I told my friend what happened after recess he looked at me like I had three heads and one of them was possibly on drugs. So I kept it to myself until today where I now know that God had my back(literally) ever since I was a crazy, adventurous little girl. It was my first known encounter with God.

*The playground above was not my playground. This is a lunatic’s playground in the 1900’s where it was apparently survival of the fittest or the training of future olympians. I just used it for dramatic effect.

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