Nope, Nope, and Nope!


So, I’m out in nature one day looking for a place to reflect and talk to God by the Potomac River. I found a park that had a tiny spot where you could look out into the water for miles. It was peaceful and serene. Well, it was until I kept seeing this thing pop in and out of the water. I’m thinking it’s a duck going in and out of the water. But it was shiny and I thought why is that duck so shiny? I’m not a nature expert. The “duck” was several yards away from me out in the middle of the river.

So I continued to try and talk to God and reflect when I saw it again. However, this time instead of going in the horizontal direction that it was going in before, it was coming in my direction. Something wasn’t right with this “duck”. I hauled ass out of there before the next time I saw him he would be inches away from the shore where I was standing and it’ll be too late. I had no idea it was a water snake until I asked someone about my experience later(safely at home). A freaking snake! I hate, HATE snakes. I had a fit trying to find a picture of one for this post!

Anyway, it made me think of Satan. When you’re alone trying to connect with God, he sneaks up on you to interrupt you and make you lose connection. There are some lessons that I learned that day:

1. God is everywhere and I don’t need to go out in nature to find him. God will find you, wherever you are.

2. I am not a nature person, like at all. As you can see we don’t get along.

3. Ducks, even when they swim underwater, aren’t shiny.

4. Satan comes to steal, kill, and destroy. You must maintain your connection with God in a world full of water snakes. Even if you get distracted, he patiently waits for you to get back into focus and start the conversation again. So don’t get frustrated when random negative thoughts come up, rebuke Satan, walk away from those thoughts, keep conversing with God.

5. I will never go out into nature ever again! I’ll talk to God on the beach if I feel the need again to be one with nature. Hopefully I won’t mistake a shark for an upside down surf board or a crab attack me on the sand or whatever else nature has for me when I’m trying to be one with it. 

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