Before I was about to be eaten by a water snake(see Nope, Nope, and Nope!), I was at another park on a dirt path searching for a place to see the Potomac River and talk with God. It was a medium sized path surrounded by trees and shrubs and bugs…many, many bugs. As I was walking I began to hear noises all around me. It wasn’t a calm nature noise though. Nah, it was several unknowns wrestling in the bushes as I walked by.

There were noises behind me, on each side of me, and in front of me as I approached the threshold of whatever was in those bushes willing to protect its territory against me. Each noise caused me to sway to the opposite side of the path to avoid the unknown. It also caused me to turn my head this way and that to see what was coming, losing sight of the path ahead of me. Eventually, to avoid finding out the causes of those noises, I walked faster and was able to reach my destination safely without being eaten or attacked. 

Lately, there’s been a lot of noises in my life. People from my past have been metaphorically tapping me on my shoulder causing me to look back and give them the attention they never deserved. Negative thoughts were causing me to look this way and that searching for solutions to problems I made up in my head. The future of my dreams and the time it would take to achieve them was causing me anxiety and depression. It was causing me to sway this way and that way. Sometimes it caused me to pause altogether so that I could distract myself with worldly things to avoid the pain I felt from waiting on God to open doors I could not open myself(believe me, I’ve tried). It was noise after noise after noise.  

Unlike the hidden things in the bushes plotting against me, I recognized what was distracting me. I knew them by name and I knew what was happening but I stopped to pay attention to them anyway instead of continuing the path that God laid out for me. I’d lost my way, temporarily.

In my lifetime, God has always made me walk into the fire. Where people knew ahead of time the dangers lurking or they were able to avoid them or had the resources to put the fire out; I’ve always had to go through the fire. This is not to say that all people don’t have to go through a faith testing fire. But, some of us are those “crazy things always happen to me” kind of people. We are the people with the weirdest and craziest true stories you’ll ever hear in your life time. The ones where people laugh and say, “Ha! Only you.” But we survived the craziness and pushed through anyhow. 

You have to push through the noises. On your path towards your dreams there are going to be lots of noises. The enemy never wants to see you reach your full potential or succeed in anyway. So, he sends noises. Don’t be frustrated about the noises because you will get caught up in them from time to time. Some noises you won’t recognize right away because they come disguised as something else. But, once you realize what’s going on, walk away as quickly as you can and continue to push on towards God and your dreams until the noises fade into the background.


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