2017: A Survivor’s Dream

end of the world

I was in a desert land. It was a dry and desolate place. In the distance was a major city. As I and three other people I didn’t know began to walk towards the city a tornado formed and began ripping through houses and throwing around debris. Leading the pack, I told everyone to run towards the city despite all of the things that were being thrown at us by the tornado. When we arrived in the city we found little rest because not only was the tornado ripping through high rises and brick buildings but other buildings were imploding on themselves and collapsing. There was even a concert with crowds of people behind us that also imploded and was ripped to shreds. We continued to move forward.

We finally stopped to rest in the basement of an abandoned building. Buildings were still collapsing all around us and debris were flying everywhere but we found rest in the basement of this building. When we opened our eyes we realized the building had been submerged underwater. Inside of the building there was no water but we could see through the windows that we were sinking towards the bottom of the ocean floor. I tried to convince the others that it was time to move on from this place and swim to the surface but they were hesitant; all except one person, A woman with long dark hair and tattoos on her right arm. She helped me break open the windows and convinced the others that it was time to go. ¬†As we began to swim towards the surface I thanked the woman for helping me move these people forward. “No problem,” she says, “I got your back,” and then she disappeared. I believe she was an angel. As we continued to swim towards the surface I saw dead bodies floating in the water. Some were just floating at the surface and others had been trapped upside down in their canoes. Their faces were frozen in terror. We swam passed those dead things and made our way to the surface.

Now we were in the middle of the city on dry land. We were waiting for a city bus to arrive so that we could move farther from the chaos that was behind us. While waiting a lion made of white marble stood atop of a set of marbled stairs. I stared at it for only a moment when it suddenly dispensed a silver ring. It rolled down the marbled banister towards me. I picked it up and noticed it had an olive branch wrapped around it. It was a sign of peace. I was at peace. When the bus arrived I looked back from where’d we come, that deserted land. The tornado was still there but it was hovering, it wasn’t moving closer or farther away, just hovering in one place in the distance. I smiled and got on the bus with the others and continued to move forward.


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