I Swam Passed Those Dead Things

As we continued to swim towards the surface I saw dead bodies floating in the water. Some were just floating at the surface and others had been trapped upside down in their canoes. Their faces were frozen in terror. We swam passed those dead things and made our way to the surface. 2017: A Survivor’s Dream  

2017 was the year of moving passed dead things; dead relationships, dead friendships, dead ideas and thoughts about myself and the success of my business. I realized that while I was on this journey of self discovery I had been carrying around dead things. I thought I’d let them go long ago but when I had a major spiritual attack towards the end of the year I realized that I still had those dead things on me.

Dead things makes you tired from all the burden and the weight that it carries. Then once you become weary from those dead things you give up on God, your goals, and your dreams; the plan of the enemy. When business was going slow and I had no idea how to make it better, I focused on other things. I picked up those dead things again and carried them around so I wouldn’t have to face what I thought was sure failure. But 2017 wasn’t like any other year where I would be wishy-washy about picking up and dropping off dead things. 2017 was when I decided to permanently dispose of dead things.

Nothing and no one would get 20 and 30 chances anymore. No more doubting myself and things God tells me in my spirit. No more seeking acceptance and approval from others. No more of the same negative thoughts and ideals. No more turning around to help dead people who don’t want to be helped. No more trying to revive dead relationships. No more childhood trauma that I’ve held onto for so long. No more dead things. I’ve swam passed those dead things and made my way to the surface. Forward is the only direction I’m taking from now on.

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