Are You Ready?


When God asked me a question I was sitting in my hotel room in Texas. I had been there for three months with FEMA assisting Hurricane Harvey survivors. In the midst of the chaos: working 12 hour days, a car accident, a speeding ticket, my mother falling at work and badly injuring herself, bad friendships, and a mentor giving me a hard time; God asked, “Are you ready?”

My first reaction after asking him to repeat himself was yes, initially. But as I continued to pace the floor my second reaction became, “Ready for what?” Of course I didn’t get an answer because God often leaves out the why or how and sometimes even the what. He simply asked, “Are you ready?” If it had been several years earlier I would have been stuck on asking what I was supposed to be ready for. But this time I said yes. I didn’t know the what, the when or the how but I was ready for what the Lord had for me. It was time to move forward. 

This wasn’t my first jump. From the vision he gave me in 2012 to starting a business to leaving jobs that was my only source of income to letting go of toxic situations and relationships; I’ve taken God’s hand and jumped not knowing what would happen after I landed. And for every jump that I’ve taken I have not fallen. I may have been in dry and dark places. I may have been distracted a few times and I may not have heard from God sometimes but I was never alone. He was my constant bridge over troubled water. He’s never failed me yet.

So when God, in the midst of chaos, asked me “Are you ready?” I said yes.





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