Encounters with God: Malibu Rocky Oaks

Cabin Fever is no joke. After three days of being trapped with your family during a snowstorm, you either want to kill them or you realize you need to get out of the house and get some air. I don’t know maybe people enjoy being trapped with their family because it brings them closer in the winter months. However, I am an only child and I am use to retreating to my own spaces when I’ve had enough of people. 

This particular winter storm I was trapped in an apartment with my cousins and my favorite aunt. The heavy snow fall threatened to cause power outages around the area so we all thought it was a good idea that we stay together at my cousin’s apartment in case this happens. Well, as you may have guessed I was sick of everybody by the third day. My aunt was ready to go as well as she was use to nestling in her own apartment by herself.  But we were trapped and the snow plow wasn’t even close to clearing the parking lot of the whole apartment complex. We were trapped. 

I was sitting in one of the guest bedrooms looking up the Malibu Rocky Oaks Estate, a wedding venue/winery. I don’t remember why. I think some celebrity that I followed on social media mentioned being there for another celebrity’s wedding. I saw flashes of it on Pinterest and fell in love. The view of the mountains is amazing. Every room in the house also has amazing views of the mountains, the infinity pool is awesome, and I love the Tuscan style of the home. Of course the house was well over 20 million dollars and I never really considered owning a house like it but it was just gorgeous. 

While I was indulging myself with pictures of this home, my cousins were arguing about something with my aunt in the living room. So I put my headphones on to drown them out. I was listening to the main theme song of the movie soundtrack Jurassic Park(I know I’m odd but I love movie scores and John Williams is legendary). I don’t know why but the combination of looking at this amazing home and John Williams’ Jurassic Park theme song caused the Holy Spirit to swell up inside me. Why can’t I have a house like that?

At first I thought God was telling me I can have Malibu Rocky Oaks. But, it was not for sale and it was a winery and wedding venue in which rich people including famous rich people spent lots of money to get married. Plus, I didn’t even have twenty dollars on me let alone 20 million for a mansion. No, it wasn’t just about having a mansion but it was about the magnitude of my dream. My dream had to match that home. I was fine with a small business in Maryland. I was fine only shooting weddings and parties. I was fine with a single family home in the suburbs where I had a basement and room to move my arms and legs without hitting or knocking over something. I was fine with a small, consistent, and controlled dream. But God has bigger plans, bigger than any dream my finite mind could think of. And so, I simply trust him and dream bigger. 


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