In My Pool

Palm trees reflecting in infinity pool in tropical resort


I had a dream where I was resting in my pool in the backyard of a home I only recognized in my dream.  The water in the pool was still and calm and I was at peace being in my pool. But then someone came along and stirred up the water. They were splashing and causing waves in the pool. It irritated me and so I kicked that person out of my pool. Once the waters settled I began to relax in my pool again. But then someone else came and stirred it up again, then another and another. All of them interrupting my pool. I struggled to try and keep them out of my pool as there were too many of them causing a ruckus. Instead I became frustrated because I couldn’t find peace in my own pool.

To see a swimming pool in your dream, according to dream dictionaries, symbolizes relaxation, calmness, luxury, and ease.  I was at peace with my decision to follow my dream. I’ve tumbled with it over and over again in the past. There were a lot of doubts and fears, trials, and tribulations that came along with this journey, but I was finally at peace with my dream. But along the way different voices began to rise up and disturb my peace. Some voices were in my own head rehashing old doubts and fears. While other voices were from people who had an opinion about my life. In fact there were so many voices that confusion began to cloud my vision and I lost focus of everything. There were too many people in my pool.

There are things that you are supposed to do in this life. Things that you were called to do. Dreams that you can’t ignore. Destinies that must be fulfilled. But along the way there will be people in your pool disturbing what God had already settled in your heart long ago. Kick those people out of your pool. Fight for your dream. Get back in the pool and listen to the only voice that matters.



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