The Game of Life

Game of life


In 2011, I had completely given up on my dreams. I was working a part time job at the time and was comfortable there. I was doing well and I made a little extra money. I was stable and had insurance benefits. It wasn’t a great job but I was ok with conforming to a normal life.

Around that same year, my sorority sisters and I were celebrating our 10 year anniversary of crossing over into our greek lettered organization.  To help celebrate a great weekend some of us went off to visit a friend for a get together at her house. Her home was beautiful. It had three or four bedrooms, a spacious living room and dining room, a basement and a nice sized yard. The home was awesome.

While we were all drinking and reminiscing about our college days my buzz was fading and I began to think about my life. The owner of the house had a good job and made good money and had a beautiful home to show for it. She was an actual grown up. It was like the board game The Game of Life. You picked your spouse, you had your children, you got your career, your house, and your money. That is what grown ups do. So what the hell was I doing? I felt like I took the other path on the board game; in debt, broke, bouncing from job to job, no kids, no husband, and no house to show for it. I felt small and insignificant. Just a dreamer who obviously lived in dream world and needed to come back down to reality, be a real grown up.

After the party I gave one of my friends a ride back to the hotel. We were walking in the hallway discussing the beautiful home we’d just left.  I began expressing how small I felt in that home. She wasn’t surprised about how I felt because as a freelancer she has felt that same way. She offered some advice.  “I know you feel overwhelmed and lost but you’ll get there,” she said, “everyone has their own path and you have to follow yours. Trust in your journey and continue to do you. It’ll come.” I was shocked. Out of all of years that I’ve known her I never known her to say anything like that to me. I believe it was God’s way of putting everything back into perspective for me.

I had coveted someone else’s success and compared it to my own. It is the ultimate dream killer. Looking at her home and her seemingly grown up life, I’d forgotten that what God has for me it is truly for me. My journey towards my dreams has pitfalls, stumps I’ve tripped over, crooked roads, cliff hangers and rain…but it’s my journey. We may not get to that big shinny house the same way but we will ultimately get there if we never give up on our dreams. God would have never put that dream in your heart if he didn’t want you to live it. So go out and live YOUR dream.


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