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I had a dream once that I was in a science class. The room was dimly lit with only enough lighting to see the black lab tables, science equipment, and my classmates that surrounded me. I felt this sudden urge to leave this classroom for good. So I got up and walked to the back of the classroom and began packing my things into a suitcase. I started packing away items that I created in the lab, things that were dear to me. While I was packing my things people were starring at me and asking what I was doing and where was I going. “I must go,” I responded repeatedly, “It’s time for me to leave.”

When I finally left the classroom I entered into a long dark hallway. Halfway through the hallway I ran into someone sitting in a chair. “Hey you remember me,” he said, ” We use to be friends. Can you carry me through the rest of this hallway?” So with my suitcase in tow and this bulky, muscular man straddling my back I continued through the hallway.

When I entered into the lobby of the building I saw people crowded around a portal that was placed on a stage. The portal was shaped like a door and there was a black curtain behind it. Each person in the crowd, I suddenly realized, was someone I knew from my past and my present. One by one, each of them would walk onto the stage, smirk at me, and then disappear into the portal. One of them stopped right at the door frame of the portal and said to me, “We are all going out to tonight and you’re going to pay for all of our drinks at the club.” Everyone turned to me and started laughing because they knew that I would reluctantly pay their way.

I began to feel defeated and ashamed because I knew that they were right. Even though I took that step to walk away from these life suckers I knew that I wasn’t strong enough to say no to the burdens they placed on me. But this time I was determined not to pay their way anymore and I began looking for a way out. I was looking down at the floor for answers when I heard a female voice say, “You ain’t got to pay them nothing and you don’t owe them anything.” When I turned to look at this woman who suddenly appeared beside me she stepped aside to reveal another portal on the opposite side of the room. The door frame of this portal was lit up with bright lights and only a few people were entering into that portal. It was the total opposite of the crowded portal everyone else was waiting to go into. Looking at that portal all lit up and welcoming I knew that was my way out. I knew that once I entered through its door there would be no turning back and I wouldn’t owe anybody anything ever again.

When you answer to the calling on your life a transformation will begin. A spiritual enlightening or awakening will begin to happen in your life. People and things will start to look differently around you. Life will have a different meaning to you. And when you decide to follow that calling people will question your decision. What makes you so different? Why do you have to do this? Are you crazy? Are you going through a crisis? Is this some call for help? This doesn’t make sense. What about your family and your friends? What about me?

There will also be life suckers who believe that you owe them something and you don’t get to leave until they suck you dry and leave you lifeless. They won’t allow you move on from your past. They want you to carry those burdens of guilt and shame on your back because it keeps you from moving forward and leaving them behind. They are comfortable with you being stuck where you are.

But you gotta keep packing. You have to keep going through that long hallway. You have get those piggybackers off your back. You have to ignore all the naysayers and life suckers. You have to let go of the past and walk into that portal of your calling. That portal that looks crazy to everyone else. That portal that’s solely meant for only you and your dreams. Everyone will not be able to come with you in this next journey. You’re elevating and growing. And you once decide to finally walk out that door for good just say to yourself, “You aint got to pay them nothing and you don’t owe them anything.”

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