I am an easily distracted person, a daydreamer. People have held conversations with me and I’ll be sitting there half listening but also thinking about food, bills, life, and dreams. My years of journalism training has taught me to nod my head and respond at the right times, lol. I don’t mean to be distracted. It’s just the future lays so heavily on my mind that I am able to fully focus on the task at hand.

In my spiritual journey my distractions are more purposeful. If God is taking too long and I feel like his promises will never come true I go looking for a distraction. I indulge into a friend’s personal problems and try to fix them. I start looking for some job, any job, and try to settle there. The unknown is too scary and stability and some random job would keep me away from the instability of the unknown. Other times I am trying to rush God and force things to happen in my life thinking maybe if I got the ball rolling then HE would get the ball rolling.

Although my temporary fixes seem to ease my anxiety for the moment God always found way to interrupted my plans. Whenever I began drowning in my own understanding God always directed me back to his promises.

In my last attempt to settle in a place to hide from God, I felt horribly out of place. I knew that I didn’t belong in this place but I tried my best to make it work because the methods in which God use to help me were not coming to pass (Side note: God doesn’t bless you in the same way he did before. HE blesses you differently every time). I felt like I was running out of time and money and my back was against the wall. But, in the midst of my discomfort God told me to make a digital manifestation board of all his promises. All of the things he’s told me, shown me, or put in my spirit I was told to put them on a board.

So I went and found some pictures that represented the promises he gave to me. That was the first manifestation. The second manifestation was to put it out there in the open for the world to see. Somehow putting it out in the open made it seem even more palpable. It was like a shout out to God saying, “Lord you said these things would happen! You put these things in my heart and in my spirit! God you said these things will come to pass!” It felt more real that way.

After I made my board and I finally left that place of distraction I decided that doing things my own way was a waste of time. Distractions kept me from hearing and trusting God. It kept me from seeing his promises. It kept me from listening for directions. It kept me out of sync with God. So now I look towards my manifestation board. I look to the promises of God to remind myself that the old way of thinking is over. That I have to be prepared for his blessings and be in the right mindset. That God will do what he said he would do without any of my help or suggestions. That things will happen suddenly, that doors will open, that my gifts will make room and bring me before great men. If only I stay focused on God and believe in the manifestation of his promises to me.

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