Getting To Rome

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I know that I have written a lot about my dreams on here. I believe its one of the ways that God gets my attention. My mind is so busy during the day that I often miss clear messages from God. Writing about dreams, however, is particularly hard to explain as they are full of symbolisms and other oddities that stem from my subconscious. So in this post I just wanted to share with you a major piece of my dream that has caused me to write this today: Acts 23. I’ll share a little more context about my dream.

I was sitting in the back of a classroom listening to someone teach(about what? I don’t know) when I was unexpectedly called to the front of the class. When I approached the teacher’s desk a stranger, probably an angel, opened up a book with a blank page that read Acts 23.

At first I didn’t get it. Acts 23 in the Bible is about Paul laying out his defense to the Sanhedrin in Jerusalem. He had been arrested and taken into custody for preaching about the resurrected Jesus. During the trial Paul boldly confronted them about their hypocrisy and stood by his beliefs of a resurrected Jesus. Paul, claiming to be a Pharisee himself strategically stayed on the topic of the resurrection which caused a division between the Pharisees, who believed in it, and the Sadducees who didn’t. Fearing that the crowds were going to rip Paul to shreds, the Roman commander took him away and safely guided him back to his jail cell.

Paul probably felt defeated because he had a huge opportunity to preach to the Sanhedrin about Jesus and failed. They rejected him. He probably felt alone as well because he had no one on his side. He had no idea if he was going to make it past tomorrow or whether he would ever get the chance to preach again; some of the Jews were secretly planning to ambush and kill him the next morning. But in Acts 23:11, the Lord came to him in his dark, lonely jail cell and said, “Be of good cheer Paul; for you have testified for me in Jerusalem, so you must also bear witness in Rome.” Soon after that encounter with Jesus the Roman commander realized that 1) Paul was a Roman citizen and 2) According to Paul’s nephew the Jews were planning to kill Paul in the morning. He quickly found a way for Paul to escape in the middle of the night and headed to Rome.

If I could write a book about entrepreneurship it would be called, “Did Not Go According To Plan.” Since the day that the Lord shared with me the small bits and pieces of my future nothing has gone quite like I planned. I had high hopes that I was doing something that people needed; providing a service that makes people happy. I was for sure that if I did everything right that success would come sooner rather than later. It did not. I’ve had some victories but I’ve also taken some major L’s. Some days setbacks and rejection seemed like the only thing I could see. Like Paul I was alone in a dark place wondering if I had chosen the right path. Was I ever going to make it to Rome?

That night in my dream the Lord had spoken; there’s more for me to do. I did not fail. My mission has not been aborted. No matter what was going on around me, no matter my setbacks, and no matter my fears God is still here with me. I am still on my way to Rome. The dream is still within reach and I can’t give up now.

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