The Room

It’s me!

I never want to introduce myself. The whole “go around in a circle and tell us about yourself” is probably the worst thing a mild introvert like me wants to do. I don’t want to tell anyone about myself because people will judge. I convince myself every time that people will dislike me. The less you know about me the less you can judge. If you can get a “Hello, I’m Tiana and I’m from Maryland” out of me in a social setting then you’ve accomplished something.

I don’t want to tell anyone about my business or that I am an entrepreneur. There’s so many of us. There’s so many who do what I do. Then on top of that I am one woman show. I don’t have a big fancy office or a bunch of staff or business partners. It’s just me, my ideas, and my camera. So instead of telling people any of that I mention instead that I work for the federal government (which I do part time) and I help save lives (sort of) during natural disasters. It sounds much better.

If you’ve ever read my previous blog entries then you know that God speaks to me through dreams. So of course I have a dream that I was in a room full of celebrities. My mom and some other person were with me as we gawked at all the celebrities in the room. I was excited but afraid. Somehow I knew that I needed to belong in this room but I just didn’t know how to introduce myself. I remember waiting on my mom or the other person with us to walk up to one of these celebrities and have them introduce me as Tiana, CEO and Founder of Outburst Productions. They do it all the time in my waking life. But this time they didn’t do anything. They were actually waiting on me but I did nothing. I just walked away, too scared and too prideful. Before the dream ended I remember feeling regret. It was a missed opportunity to tell them that I too belonged in this room.

Today, I am making the conscience decision to be in the room. It’s not always required of me to introduce myself in a room. Sometimes I’m just observant and read the room first(like at a social gathering). However, in an important room where doors of opportunity can swing open or closed depending on whether I introduce myself or not, I need to be in the room. In fact, I need to be more than in the room. I need to be Tiana, CEO and Founder of Outburst Productions in the room. I need to be confident enough to know I deserve to be in this room. Sometimes God waits on you to knock on the door or take the first step. Sometimes God waits on you to realize who you are in him and then you can began to witness his miracles and blessings for your life. All you have to do is just be present in the room.

2 thoughts on “The Room

  1. Dead on, love. You are more than enough, but you have to know that. Hold your head up and take up space. If anyone has worked hard enough to succeed, it’s you. Love you!

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