There’s an unspoken language between black people when we see each other for the first time in the work place. We think to ourselves, “What kind of black co-worker are you?” Are you the kind of black co-worker who is competitive, backstabbing, and doesn’t speak to other black people in the work place? Are you a cool black co-worker who helps other blacks in the work place but can also be fair to others? Or are you a black co-worker who doesn’t care about anything and you’re only there for a paycheck?

When I first walked into your office I didn’t get an ugly vibe from you so I believed you to be a fair person. I just needed more time to observe. I was also super nervous and excited because not only were you second in command in the office but you also looked like me…and representation matters.

As I observed you doing what you do I began to realize that you were someone that I admired. I do not admire a lot of people and I am not easily impressed. I don’t care about fancy things and titles. What I noticed the most was not your title but it was the way in which you carried yourself.

I watched you take control of a room. I’ve watched you tell men, especially white men, what to do and where to go. You were knowledgeable and on point with all that you knew. There’s always this pressure on black people, women more specifically, to be perfect and work 10 times harder than our male counterparts. You didn’t sweat. You were patient, calm, and you had the willingness and the capacity to listen. You were freakin’ awesome! A Boss Lady.

As I continue to contemplate on what kind of leader I will be in Outburst Productions I can’t help but think of your leadership. I know you’ve probably been through hell climbing that ladder and breaking those glass ceilings. It’s not easy being you. It’s not easy being us in this country, in this world. I just wanted you to know that I see you. Please don’t take what you’re doing lightly because it’s important for us to see you. You never know who is watching. You never know how you can change the life of someone else by simply showing up and being excellent.