No entrepreneurial journeys are the same. Some take a leap of faith and build on the way. Others build on an idea that has already made them money long before they thought to make it a business and took off from there. Then others, including myself, were laying down a foundation first and hoping to launch from there.

In 2015, God lead me to step away from all of the things I knew and counted on to survive and told me to walk with him. It was time to build a foundation for the vision God had given me three years prior. It was time to walk in my purpose. It was the scariest thing I had ever done. It literally felt like I was walking off a cliff or walking into a cave where I could not rely on any of my senses to get through. I had to trust God.


I had to set up my business as a legitimate business. I had to figure out property taxes for the state. I had to decide whether an LLC or a Corp was good for my business. After some research I went with an LLC. I had to set up what type of business it was going to be, the name, the logo, and the website. I had to figure out what cameras and equipment I needed. I bought everything from B&H either used or on sale. I had to figure out marketing on social media platforms. I barely had any money and no resources. All I had was God’s word, Google and my creative brain.


I went through a long restructuring process. At first I wanted my business to just cover events such as weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays. Then I realized I was only one person and it takes a crew to work events of this magnitude. I also thought it was boring and there were only so many ways to do a wedding video, an anniversary, and a birthday. I also tried shooting highlight reels for sports teams or making reels for players to send to college recruits or professional scouts. I also needed a crew for that as well. I enjoyed it but no one wanted to pay the money. They didn’t consider how long it took to edit an eye catching video with all the bells and whistles.

With only a few events under my belt I didn’t have the resources to hire people. The people I thought I could work with never called me back. Others had stolen my ideas. Then some people either wanted me to do an event at the last minute, didn’t want to sign a contract, wanted me to work for free, didn’t respect my time, or asked for something so ridiculous that it most assuredly sounded like a scam. On top of all this rejection I could barely afford to keep up the payments for my domain for my website. I was very doubtful of God’s plan at this point.


When the world came to a halt I was given the time and space to really think about what kind of business I actually wanted. One that was creative, powerful, impactful, and abstract. In the silence I was able to focus on God and trust his promises. I was able to reverse toxic thoughts I had about how long this process was taking. I thought I should have definitely been a major corporation by now. A big name in the business. People were laughing at me and shaking their heads because I had nothing to show for all the hard work I had put into this business. I watched people seemingly move ahead of me at lightening speed and there I was at a snails pace.

While the world stopped I was able to think about who I was. I realized that I had to step into the person God wanted me to be in order for this to work. I wasn’t sure if I could take anymore rejection. I wasn’t sure if I could take being laughed at anymore. I was discouraged from being ignored all the time. I wasn’t sure if I could stand tall in front of a room full people. I wasn’t even sure if I belonged in the room. I wasn’t sure if I could continue to forge ahead on my own with little to no support. But, God told me that I had already survived all of those things and forged ahead anyway. I was also never alone. I had already dealt with the crazy. Through trial and error I learned to say no to things and clients that were not right for me or my business. I learned to have faith when there was nothing in sight for me to hold onto but God.

On top of everything else I did not have to file for bankruptcy. I did not have to lay people off because I had no people. I did not have to foreclose on a building I could no longer afford because I didn’t have one. I didn’t have to shut down my business. I had two gigs in 2020 and two in 2021. While all these things sound like a complete failure of a business, I knew God was keeping me. I knew that God’s vision wouldn’t prove false. I just had to work with what he had given me, appreciate it, and grow into Tiana Suber, owner, founder, and CEO of Outburst Productions LLC TM.


With the Outburst Productions name now a federal trademark I am a ready for the vision God has given to me. I am ready to step into my purpose. From 2015-2021 God was shaping and molding me so I could be ready to step into what he has for me. I am ready, even with no insight about what comes next, I am ready.

I always like to think about George Lucas, creator of the Star Wars empire. It took him six years to get Star Wars off the ground. He shopped it around Hollywood and no one wanted to give it the green light until he finally landed at Fox. He struggled with the script for several years after that until finally landing on what it is today. Six years in the making.

My second favorite inspiration is a tweet from someone talking about the timing of God and his promises to you. You can read below. Don’t ever, ever give up. There is more to come for Outburst Productions LLC TM.