I was going through my Positive Music playlist the other day because I was trying to rediscover some old music I hadn’t heard in awhile. I had pretty much played the 10 songs that I loved into the ground. As I was listening to my playlist I realized that I had been depressed for awhile and I had a whole playlist of struggle music. It was the kind of music where you’re either asking where God is, looking for hope, releasing pain, dealing with pain, or feeling lost.

Depression was something I had gotten use to. I’d gotten use to the darkness of it. I hid with it. I sat with it. Depression was my comfort zone because I could manage expectations and disappointments. I didn’t have to try with depression. I could just disappear and leave this Earth unnoticed.

So of course this music was helpful when I was struggling and I needed to get through the things that life was throwing at me. It was also my comfort zone and I was playing the same old depression records over and over again.

Today, however, today I just wasn’t feeling it anymore. I couldn’t hang with it or sit with it anymore. Perhaps it was because I was no longer living my past traumas. Perhaps it was because I had been healed and the music didn’t reflect my life anymore. I had grown and I had blossomed. I had done the work to heal. I know I am not where I want to be yet but I am no longer who I use to be. Most importantly though, God had moved on from this place. I needed to move with him.

We can all get stuck in a rut. Your struggles have become your companion. You sat with it, laid with it, and walked with it. You played the same records in life over and over again because it was all that you knew. You may even have a depressed playlist like I did. However, today, if today has been a place where you are no longer comfortable in your struggles, it’s time to move. God has moved on from that place that you’re trying to go back to. He has moved you up and he has healed you. You know more now than you did in the past. Of course as the saying goes once you know something you can’t go back. So why are we still stuck here? It’s time to move. It’s time to delete those songs, those old struggles you healed from, those traumas that you worked so hard on conquering and healing from, and that old version of yourself that no longer suits you. You can’t bring old stuff into a new season. You’ve outgrown it and that’s ok.

God has moved on from this place that you’ve been stuck in. It’s time to move with him to your next season.