When I was 32 years old I was spiritually lost. I failed as a journalist. I couldn’t get back into the the industry and nobody wanted me back in. I later landed in education but I was feeling distraught, defeated, and abandoned. Then one day you gave me a vision in a church parking lot and suddenly my whole life changed. Thank you for your vision.

Thank you for my journey. I’ve had many careers in my life. I’ve tried to fit into all of them even when I knew I didn’t belong. You saw fit to remind me of my dream, my vision. You never let me walk away from it. With every person you used to speak over me, every song you chose, every dream I’ve had, and every line in a tv show that spoke to me; thank you. Thank you for drawing me out from hiding.

I started a business with little to no money and no resources. Some days I felt like I was taking very small steps up a very steep mountain. Some days I paused on a step because I was too afraid, too tired, too distracted, and too lost. Most days, when you gave me strength, I took another step. I kept moving forward. Even when they laughed. Even when they didn’t understand. Even when they seemingly surpassed me in their success. Even when they told me it couldn’t be done and that I should do something else instead. Each step that I had to take, I grew stronger and more confident in the vision you gave me. Thank you for the steps, big and small.

Thank you for the small whispers. People have tried to shape me and mold me into their perception. I’ve been told who I am and who I am not. I’ve felt the sting of rejection from people who didn’t understand my energy and my light. I have been denied, talked about, and left behind. With each sting I began to believe in its negative impact. I consumed whatever they told me and how they treated me. When I walked alone in the darkness you whispered, “I know who you are.” It gave me hope and put me back on the path that you set out for me, each and every time. I began to see myself the way you see me. Thank you for seeing me.

Thank you for the future. All the times I did not know what road to take or when to move. When I was unsure if I could handle the pressures of being a leader or whether I was even one at all. When I didn’t feel worthy of your calling. When I distracted myself with other people because the weight of my calling was too heavy and the road to it was too long. For the times I felt like I was running out of time. When I didn’t know who, what, when, where, and how. When I felt embarrassed because I didn’t have the answers I thought I was supposed to have. For the times I felt like maybe I had gotten this all wrong and I should just be normal. Thank you for settling my anxiety. Thank you for the swelling of the spirit within in me that reminded me that this was so much bigger than me. I must keep going. Thank you for bringing me back to you. Thank you for keeping me on track. Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for your constant whispers, “I got you.”

I got you.

Thank you